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About Fred

Fred R Thustrup, raised in Stockholm, is an analog collage artist who has left his mark on the pop art scene with his vibrant minimalism. Since his entry into the world of collage art in 2021, he has crafted artworks seamlessly combining recycled materials such as old books, retro magazines, and paper in various forms and colors.
Using a scalpel, scissors, and glue, Fred shapes his artworks with impressive intricacy and precision. His art is characterized by a playful fusion of textures and colors, creating a captivating whole.
Fred roams around antiquarian bookstores in search of the next victim to undergo a cruel bookdeath. The pursuit of new material is a central part of his creative process, and he relishes every second of it. 
Enthusiastically, he explores new cities, flea markets, bookstores, and thrift shops to discover new materials and inspiration.
Simultaneously, Fred's primary source of income is tied to the film industry, where he has nearly 10 years of experience as a commercial film producer. His cinematic background and passion for visual storytelling are reflected in his art, giving his works a dynamic and narrative dimension.
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You can follow Fred and his work on Instagram @fredrthustrup

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