Cay - create anything yourself

Cay Collective was founded 2023 by Johanna Gauffin and Natalie Navia during their studies at the Stockholm School of Economics. We are both creative souls sharing an obsession for art, interior and fashion. We got tired of boring mass-production and were looking for unique and handmade pieces when we came up with the business idea.

Today, Cay Collective is much more than just a market platform - we are a community of passionate, independent creators and enthusiasts. Our mission is simple yet profound: to connect talented artists with potential customers seeking one-of-a-kind handicrafts.

By centralising diverse niche creators onto a single platform, we are not only creating a vibrant marketplace but also revolutionising the industry. Our commitment to creativity knows no bounds, as we aim to redefine people shop, experience, and appreciate fashion and interior.

Join our journey "bringing creative people together"