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About Rut

My art is sentimental and I catch myself painting motives that keep reffering to memories from my teenage years when I was trying to find happiness in small things and moments while loosing a family member to cancer. I am using different mediums while making art from photos or pictures in my head from the good and the bad days, where having a drink in the sun with my friend or meeting a dog in the street would make my day. 

Usually my background in graffiti and growing up in the middle of the capital, while also having my family up north in the Swedish forest, takes part in my art in the shape of materials, motives, color and lettering. 

Since 2023 I have gotten stuck on oilpastels which I found to work well with the theme of those small good moments to make the heart a little less heavy.

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You can follow Rut and her work on Instagram @rutamsell

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