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About Sara

SARA KÄLLBERG is a Stockholm-based artist who creates vibrant contemporary art under the pseudonym OBSKYR. She has begun to establish herself in the art scene and has participated in several major local exhibitions, as well as showcasing her work internationally.

Her pieces are expressive and contrasting, often integrating text or symbols. The technique is raw rather than refined, and the painting process tends to be somewhat chaotic. "I have a strong preference for the slightly odd, dirty, and skewed. The perfect thing is a little rough around the edges."

Despite her first exhibition being less than two years ago, OBSKYR's art has been featured in nearly 20 exhibitions. Primarily local, during the fall of 2023, her work was displayed at venues such as NK Stage and the Affordable Art Fair, but also includes locations from Bjuråker to Seoul.

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You can follow Sara and her work on Instagram @frokenobskyr

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