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My name is Milla Sandin, and I am 22 years old from Stockholm. I have been freelancing as an artist since I was 18, but I have been painting my entire life. It has always been like my therapy and the way I express myself best.
My style in painting has shaped over the years and will probably continue to develop. The paintings are always portraits, and the style is a fusion of inspiration from contemporary artists and color compositions used in photographs, magazines, and pop-art. Much of the inspiration for my own work has previously come from stylistic elements in images I've seen, rather than emotions or depths I want to convey. Nowadays, I have found a way to combine the stylistic part with further personalizing the portraits, so that the colors, composition, typographic elements, and expression follow a common thread and are correlated with the subject of the portrait. This develops a further depth in the works that both I and customers have come to appreciate.
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You can follow Milla and her work on Instagram @millasandin & @millasandin_art

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