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About Belf Bags

BELFbags is an accessory brand that creates bags out of remake materials. Our bags are handmade from second-hand materials such as torn jeans, towels, leather and other left-over fabrics. Whatever material we use has already been used once or multiple times before or would have been thrown away. We get inspiration and see potential in what other people consider trash and by using traditional handcrafted techniques we give these textiles a new life. Basically, it is trash not looking trash.

BELFbags is currently based in Gothenburg and Copenhagen but started as a design project by Ella, Frida, Beata and Lisen while studying fashion design in Borås. We hope to offer a more sustainable choice for those who like a unique, handmade bag.

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You can follow Belf Bags and their work on Instagram @belfbags

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