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I like to try new things and have thereby ended up with a few different art styles. Depending on the day and the mood you can either find me carving linoleum with my grandpa's old tools, painting detailed still life scenes or sketching on something with simple lines and forms. Maybe I will pick a niche someday but right now I find it way too fun to play around with the different mediums and styles to do so. 
I try to find different ways to capture the beauty in things I see in my everyday life and draw my inspiration from things and moments that bring me joy, which most often is centred around nature, good food and good company. My first drop includes four linoleum prints with details from rustic kitchens. I love that the process of carving and hand printing gives the pieces a raw touch and makes each print truly unique.
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You can follow Anna and her work on Instagram @artbylindgren 

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